PlastiPUSH – Hand Tools

These specially designed hand tools from Plastfix are used in the process of reshaping and restoring automotive parts such as damaged bumpers.  Once a plastic part is properly heated, the hand spikes are the perfect tools for taking out dents and other low spots by massaging the impact back to its original shape. The PlastiTools set come in 3 separate sizes, with two custom tips on each.  They are designed to reshape a range from large impacts to small damage, to best massage the damaged area back to original spec in preparation for file finishing or sanding.

  • Product Highlights
    • 3D printed to specific standards of effectiveness
    • Leading edge raw materials developed with, and supplied by, BASF
    • Hard plastic for the tools and softer plastic for the grips
    • Nothing works better on plastic parts than plastic tools
    • Long lasting, light weight and easy to use.