About us

Plastfix was founded in 2014 in Australia

2015: Australia, New Zealand & Asia Research Tour on Plastic repairs

2016: Plastfix Launched in Australian Market

2017: Launch Plastfix New Zealand

2018: International Research Tour on Plastic repairs

2019: Secures Agreement with AMA Group Australia

2020: Plastfix Industries Launch

2021: Plastfix North America Launch

2022: Plastrepair EU – UK Launch

Plastrepair Benefits

  • Improve Repair Times

  • Generate Skills & Jobs

  • Improve profit margins

  • Increase repair quality

  • Reduce Plastic waste

  • Cleaner Environment

  • Assure customer safety



Plastrepair is compelled to create innovative ways to improve the quality of plastic repairs to create best in class production in both quality and cycle time, while significantly reducing plastic waste and the industry CO2 footprint.

Fast-changing OEM materials and manufacturing methods challenge the very best repair organizations. Other trends pass unnoticed, like the mass adoption of replacing plastic parts rather than repairing them. With this, more waste goes to the landfill, and the carbon footprint for the industry rises.

We can help shops repair rather than replace, driving down the time and cost involved in restoring a plastic part to pre-loss condition. At the same time, we are building a system to track the waste savings so it can be quantified. It is one thing a repairer can do to contribute to reducing the harmful impact of climate change from within our own industry.





With the Plastrepair Mission comes the need to attract a certain type of person to our company. It is critical that they share our same motivation to find new ways to bring increased value to our customers, while caring about the environment in a meaningful way.

Since our founding, we have identified ways to draw the right kind of people to us. In return, our customers see a living example of our culture working in their shop executing the Plastrepair Repair Process. While we strive to get even better at this, we are pleased to retain over 95% of our staff year over year.

By keeping our focus on the customer, listening to them as they navigate the tricky pathway of repairing today’s motor pool, Plastrepair is able to extend our culture to compliment yours.



Change is the only constant in the automotive aftermarket. New OEMs have emerged while others have consolidated or left. Plastics are emerging as a leading way for OEMs to remove weight from a car, truck, or SUV to meet fuel economy requirements.

Vehicles need to be repaired quickly and safely. Our methods for repairing damaged plastic parts lead the industry in simplicity and efficiency. We have partnered a leading Technical Universities to explore the use of robotics and 3D modeling to advance repairs into areas where replacing a damaged part was the only option. Beyond that, we are striving to bring 3D printing of parts directly to the shop through partnerships with a supplier of emerging printing materials and OEM partners.

These efforts will actually shorten supply chains while driving efficiencies.