About Plastrepair

Our mission is to significantly reduce the Automotive Industries CO2 footprint and its plastic waste to landfills, whilst providing economic, environmental, and social benefits to the global community.


We are at the forefront of research and development, investing heavily in sustainability by reducing automotive plastic waste in landfills. We do this by collaborating with like-minded partners in the collision repair industry. As the use of new materials and technologies increases so does the need to repurpose and reuse these new materials in an environmental and socially responsible manner.


Plastrepair is compelled to develop innovative ways to improve the quality of plastic repairs by following OEM procedures to create best-in-class production in both quality and cycle time, while significantly reducing plastic waste and the industry’s CO2 footprint.


Driving innovation is fundamental to the company. Plastrepair has reinvented plastic repairs, pioneered completing work without the use of problematic fillers, developed tools customized to the Plastrepair Repair Process, and tailored services to ensure our customers receive a solution that best suits their various business models.

Freedom Statement

We are committed to working only with reputable organisations that support the ending of slavery or slavery like conditions for all peoples, old and young, thru deceptive means or coercive conduct. We support all peoples freedom of choice and for All to be lawfully employed in safe and fair working conditions worldwide!

OEM Plastic Repair Procedures

Consumer safety is our number one priority, Plastrepair refers to and follows OEM (original equipment manufacturer) repair specifications procedures for all plastic component repair work. All Plastrepair repair technicians undergo extensive training and are put on the path of continuous professional development ensuring the highest possible industry standards. This involves identifying and inspecting the plastic repair damage, researching OEM repair requirements specifications, and implementing PlastRepair workplace processes.

Our practices ensure the quality of repairs, contributes to reducing plastic waste to landfill, reduced costs to businesses and to customers, whilst providing economic, environmental and social benefits to the global community. 

Why Choose Plastrepair

Quality Solution - Restoring Plastic Parts

The Plastrepair method produces the highest quality pre-accident condition of any repaired automotive plastic part using either heating and spike manipulation, or plastic fuse welding, no form of filler is used during the restoration process. All parts are file finished to bare plastic in preparation for the paint shop.

Certified Training Packages

Plastrepair has developed the most advanced and extensive automotive plastic repair training programs for the collision repair industry. We deliver our curriculum via an interactive online platform featuring multi-level, in-house certified and ongoing upskilling courses suited for assessors, estimators, production managers, apprentices, and technicians.

Speciality Tools & Materials

Every material, tool, and piece of equipment we use has been carefully selected or developed in-house to ensure the highest possible performance in the plastic restoration process. With over 30 years of experience restoring high volumes of plastic parts such as bumpers and headlights we continue to explore new advancements and technology to sustain our reputation as the leading authority on automotive plastic repairs.


Plastrepair is passionate about the environment and reducing the volume of automotive plastic waste we send to landfills. The recent global push for businesses to be more sustainable, better manage their parts waste, and increase their reuse ratio has intensified. Plastrepair provides businesses the ability to contribute to the environment by reusing more plastic parts using our restoration processes and tools.


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