Plastfix has identified innovation as the catalyst to achieving its goal of establishing a network across multiple continents, and becoming a pioneer in the automotive plastic repairs industry.

We invest in research and new technology, whilst continuously testing new products, materials, tools, and equipment.

In a short time, our Innovation Committee has propelled the Plastfix solution beyond the scope of any other industry provider; both domestically and globally.

Advanced Materials 3D Printing

Developing advanced materials including plastics and reinforced composites, the aim is to reduce lead time and address the feasibility of on demand supply replacement and restoration parts. Replacement parts and assembly aids including lugs, brackets, pins and fixtures can be 3D printed in parallel of other repair processes and delivered in time for the assembly or service process. Development activity is focused primarily on validating materials, part geometry and print methods to meet automotive – industry standards for reliability, performance and safety.

Advanced 3D Printing Repairs​

Repairbot provides flexibility, precision and efficiency to repair automotive plastic parts such as headlight assemblies. With our innovative materials technology and the application of state-of-the-art sensors, actuators and digital control logic, we are providing robotic systems to improve the efficiency and repair assemblies previously not repairable due to missing or broken components. Many of the technologies being applied to the RepairBot System, such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, robotics and mechatronics are relatively well established in other discrete forms.

Repair Jigs

To simplify the repair process Plastfix is building one of the most sophisticated collections of jigs and templates currently used in the automotive plastic part repair process.

These jigs, developed by our innovation division, assist technicians in repairing commonly damaged areas such as bumper bars, headlights and more.

Having the ability to line up or clamp into shape a missing or damaged plastic component gives Plastfix the ultimate edge in delivering quality repairs.

By using 3D scanning technology, we can accurately measure the area the jig will need to fit into, and then reverse engineer it to create a mould that the jig fits into precisely.

We aim to develop hundreds of these specialty jigs to ensure that our technicians have these available at all times. Each jig comes with its own part number that is linked to a ‘How to Use’ video, available on our Smart-Tech video library, within the Plastfix intranet platform.

These inventions yet again reinforce how Plastfix, is not only leading the way when it comes to automotive plastic repairs but is driving innovation across various industries and markets worldwide.

Repair Lugs

Plastfix is in the process of developing its own unique range of repair lugs using an advanced material sourced from our sister company Tradiebot. This will enable us to facilitate repairs on plastic components that regularly have missing lugs or brackets and would not usually be able to be repaired.

“These parts (such as headlights, grills and supports) will now be able to be repaired, rather than being thrown into waste and replaced with a brand-new part due to a small missing component.

We have established ongoing exclusive relationships with suppliers and are constantly working towards building new relationships with quality suppliers who currently carry their own range of repair components.

These components are comprised of several materials such as ABS, Polypropylene and Nylon. Each of these components has its own fitting method using either plastic fuse welding, adhesive bond or screws.

Used across many industries, 3D printing compliments traditional technologies to improve product design, streamline manufacturing and even forge entirely new business models. As its utility and accessibility increases, so does its potential to unlock innovation for countless inventors, engineers and designers whose ideas were previously too difficult or expensive to manufacture.

Plastfix is well advanced in creating solutions for the automotive parts supply sector, allowing us to offer our customers plastic repair components not previously available. A large proportion of our jigs are also developed using 3D printing and are made from a durable nylon material that is not affected by heat during welding repairs.

These components are unique and are only available to our customers through the Plastfix model.